Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New semester lo ~

* deng deng deng deng *
i m back i m back ..
back to where? of coz is nilai lar..
before this, i went to my Big Aunty's house in KL to stay for 2 days
feeling quite nice to come back here
i have been missing my coursemates so much..
i got my result for previous semester
hehe i got all A+ for every subject
yipee! very satisfy with it.
i hope that i wil keep it on in this new semester
we are going to study 4 subjects for this semester
so it can be considered as not as heavy as previous sem lar !
ang kong po pi everything will be fine ~


Angel said...

yea..i will pray for you!also for my own sake la..haha..

Anonymous said...

good luck! =)

zehang said...

hey thanks my gals !