Friday, January 9, 2009


ouh i m just back from the night market
carmen's bao bei fetch 4 of us (xx, jj, sm and i) to there
so we reached there pretty earlier than the others..
when we reached there, the sky has ady turned black
so we shopped around very quickly to buy what we want
then we went to the kopitiam for our dinner
the heavy rain started right when we entered the kopitiam, so luckly huh! =p
the semester has just begun and i feel pretty relaxed recently
*shake shake leg*
i have only one class today which is 3-5pm for ENG 115
hmm, it would be really great if the class can be shifted to Monday
as all of the classmates have agreed
so that i will be free from friday to sunday and maybe
i can go my aunty's house or wuan xi's house on thursday evening ! =)
everyone is worried about the cny break now
because it has just 2 days holiday
which will be monday and tuesday
i wil be back to penang at friday 23/1
so i wonder how to come back to nilai after that
is there any car can tumpang ?? hmm if no also nvm
i can go back by bus...
for me, i dont feel that celebrating chinese new year is enjoyable
it's more likely to be gathering rather than cny
because i can meet up all my friends, cousins and uncle anuty at that time
of coz ppl might say: cny got ANG PAW lea...
ya la, you receive ang paw but urs parents also give ang paw ma
ppl tend to spend a lot of money during cny
new year cookies la.. drinks la.. clothes la.. food la.. decoration la.. so on
but we got no choice la since we only do this once a year..
so i wil always remind myself not to overspending during cny
only buy those things which i really need and can be used for very long time!
hope that i can really do so~ XD
when i was in jsco, chinese new year will be rather fun!
we will go some places to perform chinese orchestra
and i remember that we will go kepala batas to perform every year!
and we used to take photo with pak lah after performing
(nthg to feel proud la i know)
but it's really one piece of my memories ..
whuu.. miss those time so much ~ ^^ ~
okay, it's time for bathing.
pit !
p/s: No more red cliff tmr bcoz it hasn't on show =.=, xx mistaken la..
going to hang out with the busy man tmr ^^


Angel said...

wah..busy nice..har..ur cliff where got so fast..i know sg showing lame..we here..before cny lea..23rd..lao late ah..sure many ppl watch de..i wanna watch it with u!

zehang said...

haha sure gal..
we go watch it together ..