Sunday, January 11, 2009


wao.. i feel so exhausted now..
i have been doing the housework from afternoon until now
*sweep floor* clean the window* mop this mop that* do laundry*
it's not a very good thing if ur room size is big
u will found it tired to clean the room
i feel that my fingers and feet look even worse than my mother's one
it's extremely rough and there are many scary dry skin
ouh .. my dad used to claim that the condition of my feet's skin
is like the farmer's one
i thk this is because i always exposed them to the water in
the toilet to wash my clothes
aisk aisk aisk ... i want fair fair skin
yesterday i went to midvalley for shopping
i was only able to get a pair of long pants and a t-shirt
hmm, my mom gave me some money and asked to me
buy some new clothes for myself
but i used almost rm50 of the money for food Xp
*tea leaf egg* curry puff* durian pan cake* tomyam kung*
nasi lemak rendang chicken* chocolate mint ice-cream waffle*
what else ??
wooo.. i got really alot of favourite foods in midvalley
btw, i feel quite regret for doing so
i gonna puasa for one week to save the money back
because i'm planning to ikano power centre and 1-U on this coming friday
my following meals will be porridge, wheat & instant noodle...
p/s: happy birthday to my beloved Mjay ^^

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Angel said... for clothes?really first time hear u do so..good for u gal!!haha..need to ban leng leng la..