Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Day Before New Year

it's quite a long time i didn't update my blog
because i'm kind of busy recently
helped out my dad in the daytime and chased the hong kong drama in the night (which i called it diamond)
until yesterday, chick dated me, ck and bao to qb
ck fetched us with his gorgeous car~
yet, i was feeling not so well during the qb trip
we went to "long de chuan ren" for our lunch
& it made my rm25 gone
nevermind lar i was thking.. long long time once only
after that, we watched AUSTRALIA,
it's quite impressive! but be prepared, the movie is really long!
>2hours & the half<
we spent rm6 (student price) for this movie, so it's quite worth la

we went back right after finish watching the movie.
then i started feel extremely tired and dizzy
i took a nap in ck's car
before reaching my house
bao wake me up
then i straight away took the plastic in the car and vomit

*feel so sry to make ppl's car smelly*

after tat i fall sick in the night
but i have recovered now~ ^^

well, today is 31dec2008
all of us gonna say byebye to 2008 and welcome 2009
2008 is really a "dont know how to say" year to me
of coz there are a lots of things tat have happened
i like this 2008 and i believe the better one will come in the following years

so let's welcome this beautiful 2009

wish all my family members, relatives, friends, and the one i love
all the best, stay healthy and be happy!!
p/s: i will go back nilai at 5th jan & no more singapore trip U.U


littlewen =) said...

i wanna meet u la
no time meet u le la
so sad

Anonymous said...

hey, just drop by to say hi =)
long time no see.
first time visit your blog.
keep posted. =)
so dat I can keep in touch with all your stuffs. =P
do visit my blog too *wink*
happy new year !!