Wednesday, January 7, 2009


hm i just came back from statistics class
there is nothing special today except of oversleeping in the morning
actually it's supposed to have an account lecture at 8am
Carmen knocked my door before she went to the class and i was sleeping Zzz
then i opened the door with my stupid sleepy face and asked her :
since today is the first lesson, it's okay to absent right ?
then she answered yes. yohoo.. so i jumped into the bed and sleep until 12.15 noon
my friends and i are planning to go mid valley this Saturday not only for the movie Red Cliff II but also celebrating MJ's birthday (the actual date is Sunday).
what should we give her on her beautiful 19th birthday ??
shimin suggested one set of red bra and underwear! it's for chinese new year la HAHA ^^
some of them suggested whitening solution because mjay 's skin is kind of .. nthg.shh..
i suggested to give her a soft and comfortable pillow
what else?? not really know what she want now.
seems like she ady got everything she want
long time didn't chat properly with sy le
he is damn busy recently
before this, i was so stuck to him and called him up quite frequently
but now, i decided not to disturb him anymore except he want to talk with me
i also don't know what to tell him when he called me
don't feel like want to share my things with him
don't even want to listen to those: i feel so sorry la dear.. cant accompany u today..
arrgh.. kind of irritated. i don't want to listen but i really miss him
problems always come to us when one is busy while one is free
i believe that most of the couples face this problem
relationship is troublesome la ~
i thk supposed to get used with this situation but i still want to blame!
sometime i really hate him! and i believe he hates me too!
hng ~ lazy to bother so much
now i going to take a nap
after this i will go jogging with Mjay
stop crapping now


Angel said...

wahaha..yo dear..i'm so glad to see u blogging here often..its seems like i can know more about you!!!

Wuan Xi said...

Hey gal...sorry ya. tat day din answer ur call. u wan come ar? easy la..can use lrt to kelana jaya station, then thr gt free shuttle bus service to ikano power center.
C u soon la...
take care ya~!

YanYing said...

single is always so worries, no trouble!
yeah! single, yipeeeee~ haha =D