Monday, January 19, 2009

im back

i have been absent myself from blogger for so long ..
this is because there are many things happen last week and i was kind of busy
first of all, one of the highlight was mjay 's birthday celebration
it was awesome even though the actual date has over
you know why ?
because i was the director for this celebration
*ngek ngek ngek*
we had treasure hunt in the extremely windy night on monday
we got total 5 stations and mjay was requested to go for every station by herself (alone)
many frens have involved in this game
they were the game masters
a lot of funny things happened such as mjay was asked to carry her first present at the first station and guess what was in the present box ?
it's 24-cans-100plus whoohoo
if u got the experience to help your mom to buy the 100 plus in supermarket, you will know how heavy is it ..
then the poor lil gal carry it by herself to complete the 5 stations
and she get the clues and presents at every station
it will be really too much to explain one by one here
in short, it was really funny and memorable.
and actually, this game was planned at 9pm something, we started the game at 10 something and finished at 12 like tat
this is one of the benifits of staying in campus in the college
next, my friends and i went to time square last sat.
* initially was planned to go one U with karleng, but finally she went back on tat time*
for me, i really dont like time square even though there are many cheap cheap things
there are alot of shop hang up banner which written 全场10元 20元 25元
and alot of price tag with "平到笑" "不可试穿"..
the environment is extremely crowded
we didn't go sungai wang and i believe tat it would much more worse
tat busy man came and met me b4 we have our dinner
after that, i accompanied him go and tekan money while my buddies continued shopping
and accidentally meet hexen and her frens
then i know ah geng and fernie were also in time square too
so coincidence huh~
so i went to meet them up and i saw alot of jitsin ppl too
it was like a jit sin gathering in time square as sy also from jitsin ma..
hehe.. really glad to see them
8smthing.. we took the train and went back nilai..
it was a extremely tired day..

p/s: i'm going back this thursday evening.. ^^

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