Thursday, February 19, 2009

accounting test

we got an accounting test yesterday.
we got 3 tutorial groups for accounting
different groups with different time table and the same lecturer
yesterday i was the first group sitting for the test
during the exam, we were allowed to sit like normal day
the lecturer didn't ask us to sit seperately.
we were : har ? like this also can? why doesn't she feel worry if we will try to cheat?
okay lo nvm, xx, jj and i sit seperately because xx say she dont want to sit with a foreign student.
she will probably ask for the answer from xx and xx never know how to reject ppl.
so three of us sat near to the wall..
after finishing the test, the lecturer reminded us to not to show our test paper to the other groups' students because they will be doing the same paper as well
besides, we can bring the question paper out of the class
HUH?! then if other ppl want the paper from us, how ?
we beg the lecturer to collect the papers back.
she ask why? we say we will not reject our frens if they want the paper
she ask us why we want to let this situation which we know that it's unfair to happen?
we were speechless..
after that, almost everyone has seen the test paper b4 sitting for the test.
some of them even did all the questions..
wow, can u imagine that?
all of them was like 'definitely score full mark le la !'
and at the same time, some of my frens didn't do so.. waikei, carmen and mjay..
they studied before the test, even though they know we got the paper and
they can just take it from us and do it !
they refused to do so..
but during the test, their accounts were not balanced~
ouh.. when they were busy counting.. they suddenly realised that
many people have finished their paper and slept on the desk.
can u imagine how do they feel?
i swear i will be very suffer like they do and maybe i will not able to control myself to avoid cheating.
very suffer and sad, even though only few marks will be deducted
so many ppl started to blame the lecturer especially my classmates who are the white mice .
ya i admit that we are wrong also if we give the paper to other people
but.. nobody is going to stop it
what a sutpid dilemma..
cant imagine what would be happened during the day we receive our results

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