Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday, a gathering day

wao wao wao ..
needless to say, i know how long i'd never been here to blog..

paiseh i got no mood la.
as what ming zhen blame on me : yerr.. u are abnormal!
ya, i admit that.
i blog when i m busy and i feel myself lazy to blog when i m too free!
yes! i was just too free~

of course i m not busy now..

yet why i m here? saya pun tak tahu la..
okay stop crapping ..
what i have been done for this few days?
alot of ppl ask me this question and my answer wil be:
"shaking leg kuat kuat la abang !"
Sunday is a always a gathering day
today, my brother-zi hang and i (ze hang)

hold a sweet sweet gathering in the morning!

we went to eat dimsum..
and then we dated kok sin,
shi bing (cipiang, forgive me.. we really call him in this way),
karleng and yu rong

i m here to say sorry to junying ( u are staying too far away from us la.. ),

maple heng kae yunn ( u are stil in kl, no choice..)

and miss lean huang ( kamu lagi jauh.. melacca)..

girls.. i bid u all SORRY for not dating u out due to the reasons above..

then, here is the photo taken in the morning..

we are all good in booming..

at there from 9.30 until 12 something..

after everyone felt satisfying, we leave each other and sent each other a goodbye kiss.. lol!

after that, miss karleng went to my house

i thk she has enjoyed her "hang's house one day trip" and helped my mom to make some "outstanding taufu"

we went for dinner with bao after that..

again!! our car automatically drive to ICE ICE BABY

when bao and i yelled that we are not satisfying,

the car drive us to McD

so here are the photos again...

this is ah bao, i capture when she refuse to look at the camera

and i said: bao.. u look so serious when u are eating sandae, do u treat love so serious as well?

lol, she answer me no and she treat food more serious,

so guys who are in favor of her..

pls turn become FOOD !! MAKANAN !!

(kidding la wei..she is serious in love yo! )

sawa ko with her favourite apple pie(

i know i m just looked like a fatty)

and finally the sui cha bo lee kar leng..

that's all for today, thankyou!


Anonymous said...

lol. so funny when u said u were asking bao " do u treat love so seriously ". LOL.

zehang said...

she is serious !!haha

Jeryl Cheang said...

haha! i wan pic pic... ><1

Carmen said...

ah hang~~~~
i miss you lah ~~~