Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A sunway pyramid trip

Since ah geng always yell that she is boring there...

xiao xiang and i promised her to pay her a visit

this is the first time i found the distance between nilai and sunway

is not that long..

"i mean by public transport, not car"
silly me~
i used to thk that..
if i want to go there from my college,
i will have to take the ktm from nilai to subang
and then get a cab or bus only able can reach sunway pyramid.

wrong !
u just need to take the train from nilai to Mid valley,
then wait for the bus beside ktm station,
then it will bring u to sunway pyramid la ~
we travel at non-peak hour..
so, it takes 10 mins to reach the destination..
xiao xiang and i were shocked..
"WAO ~ we reach ady "
so, we went to eat and movie..
even though all of us were just loitering around
and not interested in buying any item,
the trip is still fun.. because we got ah geng!
needless to say, we cant leave without the photo session..

so there are some photos taken in the night..

in front of Zanmai sushi..
where many ppl pass by and look at us..

shy ~

Ah geng, sawako and xiaoxiang

xiao xiang and his sis

sawa ko and geng geng
- yea.. i change my spec ady .. a big one

his face is funny .. look like a girl..

after that, thank to mr. william ..

we reach nilai by car..
but not the bus and train again~


Angel said...

wao..so nice so nice..haha..i hope i got the chance to pay u all a visit..a visit to nilai..a visit to sunway...a visit to singapore!

zehang said...

hahaha !!
i open my door big big wait u come

XiaoXiang said...

ah geng the best~!
treat us eat J'CO..
and i am so shock u mention mr. W here..

斌份世界 said...

so near pun tak panggil saya

zehang said...

what ?
u not went back home ady mea?