Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sem Break is ended

My holiday gonna finish..

i m going back to kl tonight, by ktm..
even though it takes a longer time to reach kl,
for me, it's better than sitting bus..
at least i travel at night and no matter how i still need to sleep.
compare to bus, i thk train is safe.

well, thoughout this holiday,
my daily routine is almost like this>>

" help my dad to work in the morning,

date friends in the afternoon,

learn cooking from mom in the evening,

play restaurant city in the night.."

very enjoyable but it makes me to gain alot of weight!
but nevermind la.. i gonna go back~
no more so-delicious food in nilai .
so i dont mind to be fat now..

now, i gonna upload some photos taken when i hang out with friends.

see what is these?

there are ang dao x'ng, tu bo x'ng, rozak, kari mee, loh mee ~

aww!!! bukit mertajam food ..

I have these when i hang out with "nilai's bm's gang"

after that, i follow them to jusco,

we were wanted to watch a movie but there is no movie can be watched.( time not suit la) =.=

so, those guys decide to play snooker..

this is da xiang aka wei siong,

he is xiao xiang aka cher siong's brother~

gonna fly to taiwan soon~

after this we got ming zhen >>

an AF student..

after da xiang and xiao xiang fly....

nilai leave two of us and

we gonna 相依为命 la..

after this we got this.. >>

cher siong aka xiao xiang aka zhu ma

he is da xiang aka wei siong's YOUNGER brother..

gonna fly to canada soon as well..

after that, three of them play the basketball.

da xiang was the winner..

now look at this..

kang kang, han meng, ah neh and xiao han

badminton team members when we were in jit sin!

yea.. i went to eat laska with 4 of them..

and i was the only co (chinese orchestra) member

still remember last time.. co almost practice in the evening from 7 to 10 pm ..

that's when every student and teacher went back home..

sometimes, we would have to share the school hall with badminton team

it's the so-called 一人一半.

when they have finished practising, they sit on the floor and facing our orchestra.

they clapped for us when the music stop~

sometimes they liked to act like bro oo conducting..

this is chun hean's favourite i thk..

the way he conduct really funny la..

shaking pat pat when conduction with waving hand !

this has made me to become not-so-concertrate when the real coach is conducting..

hmm... this is all the memorable screen..

and that's why i'm friend with badminton team members...

i feel glab to have that yam cha session with them ...

that's all for today..

gonna pack my thing and go back to kl~ and nilai too..

ciao ~

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