Saturday, April 18, 2009


today is ah geng's birthday

one of my best buddies..
we were in a very-good-relationship for so many years la!
see, this is how we looked like when we were in high sch uniform
i know it's undeniable that we looked so CUTE!
especially our hair, 真是典型的日新头
and this is a sample of jit sin's disciplined students xp!

ah bao, ah hang, ching ching & ah geng

once we have graduated, 4 of us went to different places

ah bao remain in jit sin college!

ah hang come to nilai jungle to fight with inserts,

ching ching is always the most clever one, she went to ngee ann polytech in sg,

and finally the bday girl ah geng, she is in sunway college..

even though we are in north, south, east & west,

our bond is still that strong

and then.. nah!

this is what we call.. >蜕变


no more in sch uniform of coz..

this is taken during cny

and u can see the bday gal ah geng..

how red is her singlet!

wait~ why i m showing these two photos?

ngek ngek!

this is to prove that i know ah geng this woman very long la..

and i understand her very well..

the main purpose of this blog begin now..

ah geng this woman, recently is feeling very 无奈

she wonder whether izzit herself is sending a msg which tells ppl that she is lack of love,

because many ppl are busy introducing good guy for her..

this can be refered by my zhu ma's blog

(pls take a look, inside got ahgeng's sui sui photo!)

besides of zhuma,

ah geng's friend is doing the same thing as well,

and so am i !

besides of greeting her happy bday here,

i wan to promote this woman by saying:

ah geng is a very nice gal!

today is her 19 years old bday

and she has been single for 19 years la~

so, all of us are hoping that she can own a good boy fren soon!

so anyone who is interested in knowing her or introducing her a good guy pls inform me..

believe me..

when u start knowing this girl,

u will find that "wah, she is really geng!"

that's why her name is ah geng..

sounds interesting right?

dont wait la.. just come !


XiaoXiang said...

oh my god~
ah hang~ u should promote more about her..
she love her sis very much~
she would be the one who stand out and fight against those people who bully her friends..
how good is her~
pls someone give her some true love..

her insane laughing skills will make you happy everyday~

ah geng said...




LucasLost said...

awh... here to say geng mia bday... still praise urself tuo bian!

zehang said...

xiao xiang aka zhu ma,
yes yes yes! this is very true! i believe she will protect her boy friend and cheer her bf in the same way too! muahaha

ah geng,
i wonder why u dont want sign in ur acc and post ur comment huh?
anyway, we're nt killing u..
i feel sry bcoz of nt going to sunway to celebrate bday with u.
this is only what i can do for u!

song keat,
u dont mention la..
nobody will realise d ma..
im not praising myself tuibian..
is ah geng's tui bian!
dont u feel that she is the one who change the most among 4 of us?

finally, SEMUA ORANG pls support ah geng!!

请投 ah geng 一票!!

LucasLost said...

she geng enough d... no need vote also keng liao

Angel said...

hahaha..oops..i didnt think dao to blog for her bday lea..aiya..nvm year i'll do one for her..for her precious 20th!lolz!eh..that photo ah..inside there only still me the one with short hair nia..not much changes but only one word...fatttt!!!XD