Sunday, May 24, 2009

everything comes so sudden

last week was the first week of this new semester..

i felt pretty free,

because everything wasn't ready and

there is nothing to be prepared for my studies yet!

so i decided to follow cher siong and a group of JCI members to go to genting!

wao, GENTING.. full of the memories of JSCO..

We stay at the first world hotel for one night,
come down on friday evening..

xiao xiang and sawa ko

just part of us.. not a complete group photo

then, i straight away went to my aunty house when i reached kl.

Stayed at aunty house one night,

i moved to wuan xi house on saturday.


after that, wuan xi bring me to a lot of places,

including IMU, ikea, the curve, her aunty house,
butterfly farm and night market at kepong
ya! we run everywhere..

we were just good in running.. hee~

so there are some photos here >>

when i was in Ikea, i ordered a lot of foodss...

i got a bad habit recently,

i always imagine that myself to have a very big stomach..

i tend to order alot of things..

after ordering, it will be end up with kenot finish

and take away the rest of the foods..

too bad la..

then we got the photos from butterfly farm!

we go in for free..


long story and not gonna explain here

anyway, it's very similar to the penang one~

nthg special except of these!!

the yellow-black creature..

when i first saw it, i was thinking..

wah 李小龙的后代

because of it's colour..

then nini told me that, NO!

this is the Man-face insects.

wah so cool~ can u see the face on the insect's body..

there is a big nose on the face, so it become 成龙的后代


then we got this,

The "katak Daun"!!

but can u see that it's sticked on the wall??

i feel that it looks more like a spider-frog..

COOL~ i never see frog can be so geng~

i thk it remains on this position for many hours ady .. never fall down..!

finally, go butterfly farm,

sure i have to take some butterflies's photos..


and last but not least, we got this tortoise pool..

with alot of tortoises...

so, my first week was occupied by a series of activities..
including the genting trip, everything wasn't in my plan
(i only decided to go genting on wednesday)
they just came so sudden..
and i just followed..
from thursday until sunday~
funally, thank to cher siong, aunty, wuan xi, nini,
and mei peng, who fetch me back to nilai from kl,
the whole jouney was FUN and i enjoyed very well!



Jeryl Cheang Ee Yiong said...

wow! i never went to such place before... cool! haha xD

zehang said...

arh? butterfly farm ?
penang got lea..
can say 90% same d.
they are belong to the same boss ..

Angel said... syok la..haha..but of all the places u've went.i didn't went to IMU and the butterfly farm only..only stop by outside!haha..and i know go there for wad.send her mom's stocks rite?lolz!and the night market i forgotten i go de is which one d..i think is kepong too..izzit near her cousin's house?baha!

zehang said...


so proud ar you !

imu i also din go in la..

and not send the stock to the butterfly farm,

is collect cheque and hadiah those stuff KFC..

that's why we can go in .. muahaha

Anonymous said...

hihi...u knw who am i?keke..ask xx

Anonymous said...

i am ting la(lun didi)

zehang said...

X.X .. lun didi

why dont u just appear with ur blogger's account?

i know u got blog .

XiaoXiang said...

his name is ah ting lah ah hang~
dun mention "lun didi"
so weird~
please support his blog too~
go my blog and find out his blog link..