Sunday, March 22, 2009

NUC student

what is NUC ?
some of u might don't know
let me tell u ..
it's Nilai University College
a beautiful uni which located near to the jungle in negeri sembilan
since we are living in the hostel..
we are much more luckly compare to other friends who study in kl.. or penang..
because we explore to the NATURE !!
i m kind of proud to be NUC student. XD
because we are good in catching animal and inserts ~
sometimes super-big-sized grasshopper and cockroach,
unidentified inserts like bee, flies, spiders so on.. visit to our room!
besides, there was a bat visited to my fren's room also..
sometimes, cat come in when u are cooking..
they will just come in even though they are not welcomed by us..
then, we gonna send them out kindly..
and sometimes, monkey steal ur banana on the balcony too..
and they will say HI to u while ur face turn pale
as u see them dancing on ur balcony..
the only thing i cant accept is lizard brothers stand on the wall
and singing so loud until i run away from my room
and seek for the help from my friends..
other than tat, i can be considered as brave enough lo!
i m quite pro in catching insert d! hehe
a lot of things happen here..
how fun !
dont worry there is no mouse or snake here
even though we are near to jungle..
so you no need to worry to be 蛇鼠一窝! =}

p/s: this is written for my college's open day!


LucasLost said...

"i m quite pro in catching insert d! hehe "

i wonder why scare of lizard.. is not like they are poisonous or it bite ppl... more lizard more better, less flying insert!

zehang said...

ARH.. this one u wont understand d la.

my room's lizard is not as hardworking as what u have tot..

they just know to sing..

never see them catching inserts..

somemore, they are fat and disgusting..

i thk this is why they are lazy.

dont look at me ya! i never feed them~

zhuMa said...

qing mei, i disagree!!!
why do i feel tat u called our school a ZoO~
it is not..
although i sleeps with cat besides me without notices~
monkeys stealing my hanger~
but those creppy stuff are now part of our life..
enjoy ur life lik a tarzan here!!

so change ur idea immediately or else i tembak many many lizards over to HC 41x.. haha

anyway i only love Nilai UC's JCI~
ntg others that tat..

kakaxi said...

after we graduate, we are considered as a part of "pro insects catching team".haha!

MunMun said...

you know how to catch insect....

you forgot how you galz behave when the cockcroach went into mjay n peisyin's room ar....

pandai tipu¬¬¬

Angel said...

when is the open day?got open or not i don care day i sure go intrude there de!!ngek ngek!wait for me ba..
is insects la..

jolin said...

hahaa....weiweiwei...insect ya....really happy to know u all tis HAPPY happy...but so sad to heard that some of u after apply schlorships will going to leave this college....haiz~~~ hope we can last until grduate together....hope ya.....Muaks! i love NUC

weijie said...

Hey, sawako!

zehang said...

ah bao .. come come..
i m waiting for u ~
yo! weijie.. wassup