Wednesday, March 4, 2009

next monday is public holiday!

i will be going back BM on this friday
wah~ i m so excited..
wuan xi will drive me, ching ching and geng geng
she says we will go ipoh for breakfast b4 we reach penang ..
how nice!
that's nothing greater than going back bm together with my best friends
(homesick la)
besides, i miss my family members and mao mao too!
momo's doctor say she most probably can live for another 3 years only
we all cant imagine if one day momo leave us
how sad right?
she is so cute, though sometimes can be very fierce
but better let me flatten abit the mountain of assignment first.
so that i can go back home with less worries..
OUH ~ bukit mertajam oi bukit mertajam..
here i come!
p/s: bao wait for us lo

1 comment:

Angel said...

yes waiting..tmr sitting for exams..not really got anything in my mind..haha..but is ok..just small test..cant wait to see u all!