Sunday, March 15, 2009

i hate ah geng !

there is an announcement here

i hate ah geng ..

and ah geng and i no more FRIEND

this relationship will last one week

so long huh?

that means, after one week..

we will be friend again

this is because she did something 对不起 sawa ko

after doing so, she still acting very xiao zhang !

hng ~ bad ah geng ever !!

so i swear i will hate her one week


YanYing said...

arghhhhh....are you serious?!
i just boom like how we did usually!

you are really mad on me ka?
i'm so sorry!
you know my mouth la, i can't control it! opps. i mean my hand!

i thought you just acting angry that's why i keep on xiao zhang...

sorry luuu...i will go to chop off my hand!


Captain Wong said...

Don't chop off your hand.. u still need it for ur assignments.

Anonymous said...

LOL! this is funny!

Angel said...

wei..wat happen actually?how come suddenly ane eh?haha..pom chik pom pom is not perfect for one week..T.T

YanYing said...

you ask the small gas girl ler..
she jealous me because of a very small matter!

zehang said...

captain wong, it is not a matter whether she chop her hands off or not.. what should be taken from her is her round mouth \<*O*>/

wei lian, actually i was laughing non-stop while we were having war.. that is really funny !