Tuesday, March 3, 2009

After Bao Bao & Maple..

This is siew ping, one of my college's buddies who come from Kelantan
After kae yunn and jiabao..
this is the third person..
who look alike me (ppl say d..)
two persons have mistaken her as me..
yesterday was her second time to tell people :
i m not zehang.. omg ~ haha
when we went to a dinner last time
one of the waiters asked whether we are twin xp

err.. i thk maybe it's just because of our spectacles look alike..
but my hair is longer than her..
and we got quite many differences too..
people also can mistaken..
i feel quite curious la..
look alike with her also good la actually..
means i look more skinny *weeeee~*
hmm.. not bad!

i thk this one look much more alike..
these photos were taken when we go to a open house of a dato (followed JCI)..
it was kind of lame but can be considered as memorable also la..
since we got friends and committee who are so lovely and funny
tat's all..


LucasLost said...

i tot u were the left one at first on the last photo. xD

zehang said...

one more!
nvm la .. i m kind of proud actually

Angel said...

hahaha..sister everywhere..luan lai!nowadays we dont look so alike d..too bad..

mi3 said...

u are now in Nilai?
coz i saw my senior in the pic.
how're u recently?