Sunday, March 22, 2009

it's the fault of hand phone

why do i say so?
kids nowadays fall in love easily ..
not only because of those tw, korean, jp, hk 's dramas..
it's because of HAND PHONE ..
make them so convenient to contact with each other..
i m not saying pat toh is not good for kids..
just when i feel that they are too young and not suitable to pat toh..
i start to consider what can i do with this..
arh.. but i find no way !! or i shouldnt do anything ?
i admit that i used to pat toh also when i was too young..
so i understand what will relationship affect to us..
when we are not mature enough
but.. nowadays.. kids got their handphones since standard 6? form 1?
some of them standard 3!!
this is not a healthy phenomenon, dont u thk so?
the more earlier they get their handphone, the more earlier they start a relationship
if the partner is good enough, then i got nthg to say..
if the partner is ah beng ah sheng.. then how sad am i..
kids nowadays (shaking my head)..
luckily i was born earlier.. thank you dad and mom..
but still.. what should i do ?


Angel said...

now we just cant stop this thing to happen..but what we can do is..try to not let it become too serious..omg..i also dont understand nowadays child..

LucasLost said...

Haha... that y i dont like handphone.
i prefere face to face.

well is not the phone faults, is the media. they were expose to too many "loves" from movie, series.

We can't stop these thing to happen, but u can guide them. some times u need to fall and start learning from there.

zehang said...

en ! agree..

yanying said...

are you undirectly mentioning someone in this blog?!