Tuesday, June 2, 2009


finally ~
the scholarship hunter is succeeded !
she has got the offer of the University of Nottingham
with the scholarship sponsored by The Star edu fund
she was jumping up and down when she has received the call
thank you everyone sincerely
thank you the star and nottingham for giving her this opportunity also!
bravo ~~~


XiaoXiang said...

ah hang~
i love you so much~ ^^

zehang said...

eh .. shy la..
why u voice so loud here?

HunGz said...

Gratz My Lovely Hang..
Good Luck for u~

Angel said...

hahaha..swt you two la..hang i felt so sad you know..not because i got the scholarship..is because u are leaving nilai d and i got no chance to visit u there..how sad..ching and geng been to there before d../.\

carmen_lemon20 said...

when ard go there dun forget us ooo
i miss you always

l u s h a n said...

I don't like you la zehang! why larr wanna leave us! =(=( i'm jealous and envy. hmph :P

zehang said...

ah bao, still got time no worry,

miss carmen, ribuan terima kasih!

miss lulu, pls like me, and what u have now is good enough also la..
maybe i should change to AF to attend class with u all haha!