Monday, June 1, 2009

the interview

the "scholarship hunter" (named by rhu yann) recently is kind of busy

she just went to the nanyang education fund interview on last thursday..

regarding to that interview, ang kong popi everything went smoothly =}

if she is succeeded to get it, she will have 100% discount of tuition fees, the nilai degree programme

today, she went to another interview, which made her worried like an insane.

that's for the university of nottingham, scholarship will be sponsered by The Star Edu. Fund.

wao.. as all of u know, this Uni of Nottingham is super prestigious and well-known,
the programmes offered there are world-recognised.

and the tuition fees is super expensive~

if she can get it .. whooohooo~ (she is thinking too much perhaps)

okay, b4 she went to the interview, definitely she has tried her best to prepare for it

but right before she went to semenyih, she talk with one of her accounting lecturer ( Mary Pang) about this interview.

the lecturer was like: Wao, u are short-listed for the interview?? You are damn lucky la girl.. dont waste this opportunity ! many of my students applied and they couldn't get it~ be prepared ya, they will ask u .. bla .. bla.. bla..

then the "hunter" suddenly feel that, OMG~ my preparation is not enough..

so she rush back to her room, open pc, start online checking those information..

she jot them down in a few pieces of paper..

memorise them in the car for the whole journey ..

then she reach the University of Nottingham ..

she was like : AWWWwww!!! the lake is super big! there are ducksss inside the lake.. quak quak quak~~

Uncontrollably, she almost wanted to jump into the lake and swim together with those ducks ady~

but luckily she didn't do so, there is a notice board written " no fishing, no swimming"
she felt so bad la ..

then her driver fetch her around the uni.

there is only one word can describe the sch environment and buildings..


okay, then let's continue with the interview session..

when she reached the waiting area,

she meet another candidate

who is a guy from penang... butterworth... chong leng..

so coincident huh~

so they called each other kaki lang,
this kaki lang was a band member,
his english also pam pam sheng..

this makes the hunter felt scared of him..

and he has the experience to attend the interview in nottingham before, for the sinchew one!
he failed to get it and come back again for this one..
so, his confident, needless to say, good la !!

okay, then they wish each other good luck and go in one by one for the interview.

during the interview, the hunter has tried her best to twist her brain for the best answer.

unfortunately she was not managed to make it well.. she give herself 50 % for her performance

doesn't hold out too much hope..

anyway, ang kong po pi again..

then she leave there together with her supporterss..

sadly step into her jungle nilai university which is with small lake and no ducks inside!!

continue her studies here and dont thk too much
she hopes that herself and xiao xiang wil be called for the interview of Maxis scholarship as well..
anyway.. the story ended here and this is the photo ..

the scholarship hunter and her desired university

last but not least, she wanna thank all of her supporters -xiao xing, siew ping, ely, carmen, mjay, shi min, ching ching so on.. the driver -cheah peisyin, the name creator- mr. ho rhu yann, and lastly lee xiao xiang, who has tried his best to shout for the "figh......ting~~~" frequently!

Ribuan terima kasih~


XiaoXiang said...

ang kong popi your nanyang and star, u can get it straightly ~
and for maxis...
fast fast call me lah~!!!

kakaxi said...

as long as u tried ur best is good enough d la..
hope and kong, ti kong and pe kong also popi u oh!!
all the best~~

Angel said...

why no my name and geng geng name?T.T

XiaoXiang said...

hmm~ ah bao~
dont you forget to do something once u saw someone's comment is before you?