Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tang Yuan

What is this??
inilah TANG YUAN ~
yeayea.. i purposely made it on last thursday for my buddies
chersiong is funny
he said: orange colour... i thk is honeydew
phew~ it's sweet potato la dude..
his brother wei siong also cute
he said: purple colour one.. inside got put black sesame right?
phew~ brother tat one is purple dragon fruit la..
this time is kind of successful
bcoz chersiong say he believe i m not the one who has made this.
maybe i was dapao from somewhere else.
huhu! how proud am i..
this is the greatest praise i have received since i come to nilai
he said so, most probably is bcoz of the size..
all of them look the same
hehe. of course la..
i made it with a lovely and an extremely sweet heart lea!
anyway.. what was happened this time is..
my dumplings' faces turned red when somebody was eating them
cant imagine huh?!
haha me too..
yet ppl saw it


Rhuyann said...

this is the first time I see purple tang yuan..wooo...looking delicious..

LucasLost said...

i tot u somehow put purple colouring on them.... eat d... kana cancer... but is dragon fruit!

try strawberry next time!

or u should like Bigger version of tanyuan and u can stuff filling inside... xD eat d more feel!

XiaoXiang said...

i keep back my word~
now i believe tat the whole thing is made by SAWA KO..
extremely fantastic!!
and will it be too obvious that you say the tang yuan turns red when someone is eating?..
later someone will knew it~

Angel said...

no mine..i alry know liao...oops!

zehang said...

this is my favourite tang yuan's colour, purple is cool~

i wont put colouring la.. u see the colour is so dark.. if it's really colouring, wah, then i must have put alot !
Bigger version? er.. let me figure out it first.. it seemes tough for me

xiao xing !!
huhu~ shh.. nvm ..know then know .. i dont mind also ~
thanks for supporting !! ngek ngek ngek

u also shh... huhu !

zehang said...

i appologize to xiao xiang..
it's xiao xiang not xiao xing