Tuesday, April 14, 2009


seems like i can't get the scholarship already..
i feel sad, but i swear, not much..
just a little bit only~
just feel a little bit sad..
because this is not my first time already..
but this time seems rather worse..
i dont even call for the interview..
i dont know what's wrong..
where is the problem ..
but i swear again..
i have try my best..
i will never give up!
i gonna do better in saving money..
untill the day i get the scholarship
even though i know i m not good enough and deserved it ..
i feel sorry for my spendthirft attitude and
being arrogant and confident that i will surely get the scholarship
friends, sincirely wish all of you good luck and all the best..
i'll stop feeling sad
and 拿出我的小强精神!


Angel said...

yes yes!gambate hang!no need to feel sad..u will get the next time you really tried!

zehang said...

thank you ah bao..
i feel warm

MuN said...

gambateh !!!

if really feel sad i cook for you
see i am so WEI DA~~~ ~

wish you all de bez....

cedric said...

granny don't sad...
i will support and miss you all the times...
just keep your ordinary mind at all times...
remember that i still owing you a big meal...

P/S:looking forward in your next break or whenever you come back to BM

zehang said...

thank you mun and my cucu cedric,
but why you two are talking abt eat de?

u guys know i eat when i m sad? lol..

Anonymous said...

things often go against our wishes

especially after you stepped out of highschool

bt b tough, coz you're born a jitsinian!

zhi said...

i support u..

McChoon said...

YOYO 1st time leave my words here.
jia you gal, God is fair mia,
don worry, FAMA fund is always there.
see u soon in bm =)

Suki said...

dont worry. just keep on trying. u will get it. ))

zehang said...

thankyou everyone