Saturday, December 20, 2008

welcome me


let's welcome me

i'm not newbie

becoz actually i have actually registered this account for more than 2 years before this

just.. never post any blog here and my buddies did blame me for leaving it blank here

so now, i decide to do so something! hehe ^^

well, recently was busying with the final examination

there are some photos for the moment when we were studying

study at the highest floor of our hostel. *windy wo*

this is shi min from kluang

see? we can actually singing at the roof (在屋顶唱着你的歌~)

we studied at the balcony in the midnight *also windy and cold*

this is MJay, from teluk intan. ya, u didn't see wrongly, tat one is cloth clip~

hmm, u must know, ppl tend to do silly things when they are too stress! XD

there is only one word can describe me > exhausted (as every students feel so)
I'm now suffering of having abnormal life style
Sleep in the daytime and work in the midnight
as i told Bao tat i m near became a vampire
she said no, vampire never sleep, like Edward Cullen (our idol)
and i m an out-dated vampire, still need some sleep in the daytime and afraid of sunlight
i said fine... i m transforming soon. to become a modern vampire
so, i was not sleeping for more than 24 hours before my econ paper.
not purposely want to be vampire like Edward la..
just because of worry so much that i cant do well in that paper.
And now, i m suffering of insomnia. i was unable to sleep since 6something in the morning.
don't really wish to continue doing my math exercises
feel like want to let myself free and regret later,
so that i will have better motivation later (this is my way)

dunno why, i always like to leave my thing to the last-minute (i know this is a bad habit).
i don't want myself to be like this actually, but i really cant control myself.

is this an excuse? maybe ..

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