Saturday, December 20, 2008

MayDay Concert

i got my first holiday plan which is to go mayday's concert at Singapore with ching at next year 4th of Jan
Ching help me to buy a new singapore version Mayday new album and she will ask her fren to take the voucher inside the album for redeeming the concert ticket *BRAVO dear ching ching*
the album is owned by Bao coz i ady have one album. i dreamed of Mayday yesterday.the dream was seriously SWEET! cant wait to see their performance!
i must say, the sweet-est moment i have ever enjoyed was when i hold each of the hand of mayday members. OUH ~ really kenot tahan..can u imagine? i was melting on the stage. wah.. damn miss tat time!
MAYDAY rockx~*
so hope ching's fren can successfully help us and hope my dad will allow me to travel to singapore
he is kinda worried of me coz there are many road accidents recently.
ang kong and kuan yin ma POPI.. let me get the ticket, the permission and have a happy and smooth journey.
p/s: countdown-ing for going back to BM > 2days

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