Saturday, July 24, 2010


it's Sunday and definitely a happy day, I get to rest, get chance to hand out with friends and most importantly i get to stay away from my job!

Btw, I had an awesome weekend last week.

I went to kl for Taylor's Ultimate Open and surprisingly Oops got 6th place out of 16 teams.

This is so unexpected because we were totally out of training and was planned to have fun only.

Oops! is always the best..

so yea, of coz i met Hwa Siang. =]

it was our 4th months to be couple and we had good time chit-chatting.

I went to his house on Sunday but too bad i wasn't feeling well due to digestion problem.

I kept feeling sleepy and didn't have appetite to have any meals

end up with sleeping at his house,

thank him for taking good care of me.

Oh Nottingham Nottingham. I miss Nottingham... hmm..

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