Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's all about frisbee

Oh ya people,

I'm going to Singapore for a frisbee tournament at 24th of April.

Look forward to it and i would have to attend the training starting from now.

the Alice Smith International school is cool.

I went there for the training in the morning.

Honestly I feel very happy joining the Asli team.

there is a coach there to guide us,

so i believe that i will get to learn a lot from him.

besides that, most of the players are quite fit and good,

not like me.. skill and fitness kinda cacat one.

But nvm, i am there to learn what? scare what? haha!

i got my dream to pursue..

So sorry tat i actually abandon my family this weekend.

but if there is a chance and i dont have to miss the training one,

i would definitely go back home one.

sorry everyone in the house and my pass-away relatives. =(


Angel said...

who who?who passed away?

Rhuyann said...

wow...u really cari makan now on! keep it up!

zehang said...

no la. i mean c'ng meng ah bao..

Rhuyann, i must improve myself in frisbee. If im good enough, MAYBE i would have to chance to go to Nottingham China campus to join their Sport week. uni will sponsor the fees lea! but at the same time frisbee is really fun la.. I m just addicted to it like chinese orchestra in the past few years