Wednesday, September 16, 2009

friends visitaition at mmu

Uwwuuuuaa very good,
very unbelievable that i just went to cyberjaya MMU yesterday to pay a visit to some old frens..
" reallyl-old-frens" who i have never met them for n years ago.. (expect for kang kang) 
okay they are tan jian wei, jeff, kang kang and lean huang.. 
it's was a very enjoyable trip, thank to everyone for spending their whole day with me..
they have got their meeting to go, event, and also uncompleted project to rush..
aww.. i m so grateful!
kang kang with my beg and the photo taken with LH (ugly me U.U)
and the uni really impressed me, the environment is nice and those building and facilities are so high tech
( if u compare with my previos jungle uni, xp)  
and another thing is, there is a CIMB bank in the campus.. wao~
there are stuffs from CIMB serving students in different counters..
all the students will have to bank in their tuition fees by e-payment thru this bank
wao.. how good if nilai could have learnt from them~
students no need to queue up like hell during the registration week..
besides of that, i visit dudes' accommodation,
aww kang kang's house is still okay.. jian wei's house is totally amazing ~
you can see that there are uncountable pairs of shoes on the floor when u open the front door..
because there are 9 guys staying inside the double-story apartment..
my god, and the staircase was hung with alot of short pants and long pants..
aww~ i bet they need a house cleaning service as soon as possible..
the room with two beds is kang kang's room, the rest of them is jian wei's house
besides of taking lunch at a sushi with totally no customer, we accompany kang kang and LH to shop at carrefour..
the view of the apartment..
and lastly, i leave there when my cousin sister finish working,
 she came pick me up when she is on the way to go back home =)
that's all for my mmu trip, ciao ~
sorry i forget to take the photo of jeff and jian wei.. but they still looked very healthy! hahaha


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

Hi, it's a very great blog.

I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.

Keep doing!

zehang said...

hi olive tree guitar ensemble..
thank you very much ..

Angel said...

healthy?of cos they are..but that beta got become fatter bo?

zehang said...

haha beta is jian wei ?
didnt fat la.. stil slim ..

beau said...

ah hang arh...i vry miss u leh...
where u have been gone huh?
still study at nilai?