Friday, February 20, 2009

YUAN steamboat again

i just come back from sunway YUAN steamboat..
wow, i just went there two weeks before this..
this time i went there with college's buddies

we used the money collected during the chinese new year's
lion dance performance to enjoy the meal there
we ate a lot and drank alot
really a lot ! i tell u, 6 of us totally drank 16 cup of drinks..
shandy, coconut water, apple juice, orange... we kept ordering
because we can claim from the college! haha
how fun, we ate from seven like this until eleven something..
those guys are so funny
i just reach my hostel

here i m going to upload few photos..

YUAN's well known chicken wing grabbed by yu ting and shi shui

funny burger served with one plate of chicken wing because he was late!

this is how jki looked when he request for extra tissue~

sweer couple with chicken wing again

hungry burger with chicken wing too!

hmm... why i keep mentioning chicken wings huh ?

because YUAN is famous with chicken wing la. haha

just like what sy's sis's bf say:
not super delicious, the process of grabbing chicken wings is so fun

now we got these two guys..

three guys..

and sawa ko, dont know what she was looking at Xp
sawa ko and jki
shi shui and burger
sawa ko and yu ting

the photos were taken during the performance..
not happen in YUAN ya~
just to upload for fun

ah hang with a big red LOVE which was used to decorate the student affair's office~ hehe !

this lion is feeling sleepy after jumping up and down
tat's all, feeling so full now
going to take a bath and sleep la..
good night!

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