Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hrm, tomorrow is my Birthday. 

Finally December is here, 

December is my favourite month because my birthday fall at the first day, 

and that means Xmas is around the corner as well. =) 

Housemate just reminded me that my age is gonna start with the number TWO> fwah 20 years old! 

Oh man, that sounds cool and it indicates what? .... what?? 

Can't really think of anything right now, tell me If you know it. =p

Oh well, to be honest, why am I posting this blog? 

perhaps, I just cant wait to make SOME wishes.. 

you know, we don't really have much chance to make a wish.. 

unless you are so lucky? accidentally see a shooting star in the night sky? 

Less likely will happen on me lo. 

So ya man! Dont waste the chance man...! 

* keep my head down and start wishing....* 





AHa! done wishing.. Happy Birthday to myself! Heee~ =D

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