Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I've never expected myself to experience all these that early in my life.

*at least for me la*

good thing or bad thing?

sometimes kids yell, scream, cry their lung out loudly, and you have to twist ur brain to figure out some ways to stop them.

sometimes they are not able to control themselve, and so unpredictable.

they cough * keh keh keh keh...* and end up with puking on the floor..

oh goshh.. the smell is awesome, what to do? clean it with Dettol lo.

sometimes they accidentally pee on the mattress when they were having afternoon nap.

and they will only realise that when they've waken up.

kids' disagreements are always interesting one.

like: '老师他不要跟我好。' '老师他讲我是笨蛋。'

oh well, what do you expect me to do if he dont want to fren with you.

I've tried to solve some. But there're quite a number of cases everyday.

Pheww.. teacher Tan is tired.

it's not that working in a kindie is annoyed or making me frustrated dealing with the lil monster.

but I'm just tired.

Come back to home today, happiness and got killed by everyone in the house cruelly.

sigh, I will remain silent in order to avoid conflict. zip my mouth. say no words.

tahan tahan tahan... take a deep breath...

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