Thursday, February 25, 2010

result is finally released!

hello people,

i have received my result yesterday.

how is it? arhm, i got a not-so-good-but-not-very-bad average which is 63.67

glad to know that i have to get above 60 in order to maintain my scholarship.

because before this, there were rumor said that i have to get above 65.. aww.. that's no way!

if so i would have to go back home and sell helmat ady!

what i would like to say is.. the assessment in Nottingham is definitely crazy!!!

average above 80 is absolutely impossible to happen in business school

above 70 is first class..

let's talk about business law.. when i received the Assessment Feedback today, i feel like laughing

ridiculous man! there are more than 50% of the students fail in this module, which is below 40..

and what the interesting part is, no one get above 70..

i got 50 for this module..

guess what, when i got the question paper during exam, i was like " hoh sheh liao!"

I was happy because i spotted the right question, what i need to do is vomit all whatever i have memorized deadly...

so i wrote almost 5 pages for two question... wrote until they call times up

OH! worth to mention that we were required to write two essay according to the problem question.. one question worth 50%. that is definitely Qi Kek..

end up with this kind of

needless to say.. i have to put in much more efforts in order to do better for the coming final exam..

Nottingham is not easy.. Nottingham is really not easy..

i always understand this fact.. it's always in my mind since i come into this uni..

i keep telling myself to do better and better!

yes Gambateh sawa ko chan !!

Btw, there will be another frisbee tournament at UKM (titiwansa campus) on this Sunday..

imagine we are going to play under this kind of Sun, this kind of weather..

this Sunday will be the day for me to transform into a little Indian..

wait and see! XD and good luck to me weyy!

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Angel said...

yes..good luck in your tournament!and may ur knee doesn't pain anymore!XD