Wednesday, December 8, 2010


People who knows me well should have heard about my imba-ness of dreaming.

yea, I dream a lot at night, sleep-talking is also my expertise and perhaps no one can fight.

I have been working very hard in the past few days for my MPA assignment (last-min champion as usual) and slept very few hours.

So, after I switches of my room's light yesterday night,

I know that I'm not going to wake up until my all of dream has come to the last episode ady.

Guess what, it was really funny.

first, I dreamed of playing percussion under Little Giant's orchestra. Haha, conducted by Chen Chih Sheng. *FWAH* how excited!

second, I dreamed of receiving call from my faculty's office. saying that Friday would be a holiday, So my next two assignment submission date will be changed to next Monday. *FWAH again!*

these are just part of my dreams.. I mean, the real dreams that I dreamed of yesterday night.

Lol, cant really remember the rest of it..

but after waking up,

I realized that..

1. I have been sleeping for more than 12 hours,

2.skipped one class,

3. and all the dreams are just dreamss.. Duh! but quite a wonderful dream though =j

So yea. Say What?? time to back to work...

two assignments ahh... see how am I going to create miracle! *fighting*


Angel said...

awesome..perhaps should call you a dreamie girl next really dream of what you just recently related things huh...

zehang said...

=D HAHA. yea. yue lai yue li hai.