Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Broga hill photo shooting

How great are these photos..

thank to song keat and khai sheng..

broga hill is so nice ~ whoohoo !

p/s: look for more in fb ..


Wuan Xi said...

Wah...your hair...look like Soon lay ler....hahaha!

XiaoXiang said...

the third one is nice
the third one..
the THIRD one..
pretty~ sui sui sui

frisbee said...

cheh like this nya mar

zehang said...

background sui or ppl sui ?

soonlay so sad.. i dont want to be like her..

Angel said...

hahaha..i think the first one nicer..without hang's face!XD...hahaha!

zehang said...

broga paradise.. =)

beau said...

ah hang arh...nice view lei...same place wif ling miin go de??
at where de? next time wanna go liao =)

zehang said...

beau beau, same place with LM went..

broga hill is beside my uni.

first of all u hav to find kajang, then semenyih, the exact place call broga, it's a small town...

or ask ppl how to go nottingham then u will reach broga hill as well =)

kakaxi said...

hw come the photos i took cant hav the effect like yours?

it is really a nice place!!!